The King of Boston!

This week, Boston laid to rest their greatest Mayor in history and it was a funeral meant for the king that he is!  In addition to a city-wide procession to honor the great man, Former President Clinton and Vice President Joe Biden were both in town to pay their respects.  Governor Patrick and Mayor Walsh spoke at the service but the best speakers there were his two granddaughters.

 They read a eulogy that would make anyone cry.  Everyone knew that Menino was both a great leader and man of the neighborhoods but they shed light on what it was like to call Mayor “Mumbles”, Papa.  One part that stuck out the most and encapsulated how he thought, and ran the city, was when they said they called Papa when a snowstorm was coming to tell them he should definitely cancel school.  He would respond by saying that school was the only place for some students to be warm and get a good meal.  I had never thought of that and it showed that he was the Mayor for ALL of the city.

 In a week of bitter politics nationwide, Menino was a reminder of how every politician should be and how politics comes second to the citizens one serves.  We made this limited time t-shirt both to honor Mayor Menino and  to help raise money for his scholarship.

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We salute you, Mayor Menino and thank you for your years of service and re-shaping our great city into a place that world knows and loves!

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