South Boston

When most people hear South Boston they think of Whitey Bulger and Martin Scorsese movies like “The Departed”.  Those thoughts may have been true a few decades ago but now South Boston is “Southie” and everyone wants a piece of it!  What started out as a “cheap place to live” has morphed in to an urban mecca that 20-30 year olds can’t get enough of.  Boston has always had a large amount of young people due to the fact we are the home to so many colleges and universities.  Once people get a taste of it here, they don’t want to leave – and who can blame them?

There is a debate as to whether or not the Seaport is part of Southie or the Downtown’s waterfront; regardless of where you stand in this debate, it has had a major impact on life in Southie.  Not only has it expanded the choice in nightlife and other attractions, it has brought tourism to this once undesirable part of the city.  On a Friday night you can rarely get a table at one of their high priced (chain) restaurants and the lines to get in to bars go around the block, even in the Winter!

Since Southie is on the water, there are great views of Boston Harbor and watching the planes land at Logan is quite awesome!  There is no where quite like Castle Island to enjoy Southie’s waterfront!  It is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in all of Boston to walk, run, bike and just hang out!  There’s even a beach at Pleasure Bay that features lagoon like swimming in the Summer months!

If you haven’t check out South Boston in a while, take a look!  You may not even recognize it!  When Whitey Bulger was captured and brought back to Boston for his trial, I jokingly asked, “Did anyone ask what he thinks of the Seaport?”  For someone who has  not been to Southie in over 20 years, there’s no way he could recognize it!  It’s completely different!  If you can’t get hear yourself but want to feel like your back in the old neighborhood, check out our Southie Candle!  No, it doesn’t smell like the Broadway T stop and beer, it smells like Shamrocks and Blue Jasmine!

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