Top Chef Boston

Boston is known for a lot of things and our food is one of them!  We are finally getting recognized by hosting the newest season of Top Chef.  The Bravo series has always featured the best of the best in the culinary world so it was just a matter of time before it would come to America’s greatest city!

 This season will feature competitions at some of (greater) Boston’s most notable spots; there’s obviously going to be some Fenway Park scenes.  Rob Gronkowski is also going to be one of the judges!  Since Boston invented America there is going to be a competition at Plimoth Plantation which will make the contestants cook the first Thanksgiving dinner with what they had to work with; talk about a challenge!


Boston is mostly known for our seafood and pizza (and Dunkin Donuts coffee) but has become a mecca for some of the best restaurants run by world class chefs!  You can’t walk more than five feet without passing a restaurant featuring cuisine from anywhere!   In my neighborhood (East Boston) alone, there is an El Salvadorian, Honduran, Pakistani, Italian and Australian restaurant within a half mile radius.  Where else in the world can you have those choices?!

This season only features one ‘local’ contestant, Stacy Cogswell, who expressed the pressure she has to win right out of the gate.  Her first challenge was to shuck oysters; she said if she messed it up, she’d have to leave town!  (Are we really that unforgiving?) Two seasons ago, the winner of the entire thing was Boston chef, Kristin Kish who started her career at one of Barbara Lynch’s restaurants.  Last season, Stephanie Cmar competed in New Orleans and is now taking Boston (and the country) by storm with her pop up doughnut shops! (full disclosure: Stephanie and I worked together at my first job; I was a waiter and she was a salad chef…look how far we’ve come!)

Whether you’re a foodie or not, this season is going to be a great way to see Boston and watch local celebrities put their palette to the test! Will you be watching?

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