The Patriots (barely) Did It!

The Patriots were able to pull off a win over the New York Jets Thursday night but it was a close score: 27-25.  They may not have performed as well last night as they did last two games but as we always say: a win is a win.  The Pats now have a 5-2 record and control the AFC East while the Jets have lost six games in a row.

Despite their ultimate victory, the Patriots have some things they can certainly work on – like defense.  If their D looked this bad against the Jets, they may be in for some real trouble against more formidable teams later on in the season.  We can hope that their short week was the only factor in this but something tells me it’s not…

The real MVP from last night’s game may be Amendola; who may (finally) be earning that hefty salary. His tumbling moves into the final touchdown are what football is all about.  Also, he wasn’t so bad in his debut as the primary kick returner either.  I, along with most, was a little skeptical of Amendola coming to New England last year for his hefty price tag but hopefully he keeps this momentum going; even Belichick noted that he gave the team a lot of energy last night.


(Photo Credit: Boston Globe)

We’ll take the W but let’s hope they fix the holes in their defense and start playing like a Super Bowl worthy team again…soon!

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