The Difference a Year Makes!

This week last year, the Red Sox were on their way to becoming World Champions!  To be exact, the Sox were playing the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS and making (viral) news with one (amazing) play!

After having lost game 1 the night before, the Sox needed to win game 2 before they hit the road for Detroit!  <Enter Big Papi> who nailed a grand slam that changed the rest of the post season and brought attention to our city’s finest!

Officer Steve Horgan was working a typical Fenway detail until that fateful grand slam.   At 11:04pm, he became the newest MLB umpire by declaring the ball in fair play with one iconic image that will live in Red Sox nation for years to come!


After a tumultuous year in Boston history, our city had a renewed respect for Boston’s finest and this picture cemented that notion!  We needed this World Series win so bad and there was no way he (Officer Horgan) could contain his excitement.

(This all happened just minutes after the Patriots came back to win their game with only 5 seconds left on the clock.)

Needless to say, it was a good Columbus Day weekend for Boston sports….in 2013.

We are Boston fans so we know not to take anything for granted and appreciate the times we are on top but we could have used a little of this excitement again this year…Oh well, going down memory lane is fun…and there’s always next year!  Right?

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