‘The Pats Are Back’ or ‘Are The Pats Back?’

Last week at this time, Pats fans everywhere were nervous about the future of the Patriots’ 2014-2015 season; some were even saying that Tom Brady should be traded (gasp!).  Now, all is good again in Patriots Nation and Brady is back to being the King of New England.  But will it last?

Last Sunday, the Patriots slaughtered the Bengals at Gillette with a final score of 17-43 which was much needed after what happened in week 4 against the Chiefs.  The offense finally showed up and it wasn’t a moment too soon.  Belichick has often said that you find out about a team how responds to adversity.  So according to this logic, the Pats are a solid team.


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I said last week that everyone needs to just take a breath and remember that there are sixteen games in the regular season for a reason!  Every team is allowed to have a bad week; let’s just hope it doesn’t become a habit.  The Patriots went into last week fired up for a win and it paid off!  Hopefully they bottled some of that up for the rest of the season and take us well into the post season!

 For the record, none of us at Chowdaheadz ever doubted Tom Brady or the team.   If you got fell off the Patriots’ train before last week, get back; you’re pass will be revoked next time you exit!

…is it Sunday yet?

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