Should Boston Host the 2024 Olympics?

Should Boston host the Olympics in 2024?  Some people think so!  There’s a push for our great city to host the world games; it is currently one of four cities on the short list of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).  The other three cities being: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

What does this mean exactly?

Once the short list is established, the USOC will engage further conversations with these four cities to see their visions’ and how they’ll line up with the IOC’s vision; which will be established when they meet this December (seven years prior to the games) to lay out it’s plan for the 2024 games. This will help the USOC determine which US city to move forward with presenting to the IOC, if any.  Once submitted, the IOC will spend two years making their decision.

The once small grassroots movement for Boston 2024 bid has recently gained some momentum with support from Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Deval Patrick.  The ‘Boston’ bid doesn’t mean it will stay within city limits; it could affect everywhere from Worcester all the way to Newport, RI and/or Portsmouth, NH.

Boston does have some advantages being a walking and public transit city.  Also, the abundance of college campuses have existing stadiums and dormitories ready to house the athletes, workers, etc.   We are also on a coastline for Ocean sports and have a major international airport.  The disadvantages?  Traffic, crowds, and most of all: cost.  The Sochi Olympics cost $51 Billion and Beijing cost $40 Billion (with a B).


Personally, I don’t think Boston will ever host the Olympics.  Storrow Drive can barely handle a Sox/Yankees game let alone a huge (the biggest possible) international event.  The entire city would shut down and I’m not sure we’d ever see economic benefits after footing a huge bill.  However, I’ve been wrong before and Boston is a very popular city worldwide.  We’ll just have to wait and see what the committees decide…

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