Will Lester come back to Boston?

Will Jon Lester return to Boston for the 2015 season?  That’s been the question on everyone’s mind since he was traded in a last minute deal to the Oakland A’s for Yoenis Cespedes.  After the A’s lost to Kansas City on Tuesday night, and were eliminated from the playoffs, the only things standing between Lester wearing a ‘B’ on his hat again is money and time.

Lester said after the trade that he’d consider coming back to Boston if the offer was competitive and the Sox do everything they say they’re going to do.  Much of Red Sox Nation thinks this means they’ll have to make an offer of at least six years and at least $150 million.  But does he even want to come back to Boston?

 Twitter was abuzz this week when it learned Lester’s Boston (Newton) home is officially on the market.  It’s no secret that he plans to raise his family in Atlanta but does his latest Real Estate move mean he’s given up on calling Fenway Park home again?  Maybe he’s just calling the Sox management team’s bluff and hoping for an offer.  Or maybe he just wants to try another Boston suburb?  (No offense, Newton)


(Photo Credit: Boston Globe)

There is never any certainty in sports transactions and we need to remember it’s a business but something tells me Lester will be in a Sox uniform or pinstripes (gasp!) next season with a whole lot of money in his bank…

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