Massachusetts: Best or Worst Drivers?

 A few weeks ago, told us that Massachusetts drivers are the worst in the country and no one was really surprised; however there’s now a study saying that we are the BEST drivers in the country.  Since we love being the best at anything, no one was equally surprised.

There’s no denying that driving in Massachusetts, especially Boston, is an…”experience”.  The one way streets, confusing highways and a young demographic of drivers are all factors in the driving “experience” here.  All of these things make us think, “If I can drive here, I can drive anywhere.”  This may be true but it should also make us the most cautious drivers in the country. The same study that says we are the best drivers, says that North Dakota drivers are the worst: what do they even have to hit?

93  South, Rte. 1 South, 95 North and

Having driven in cities across the US, I can tell you: you will never hear a horn used as much as it is here (except maybe NYC) and that isn’t necessarily a good thing.  Horns are supposed to prevent accidents, here people take pride in getting beeped at; it’s like an accomplishment.

It doesn’t matter if we’re the best of the worst – what matters is that we stay safe out there, Chowdaheadz!


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