Where’s the (Black and Gold) Love?

The Bruins played two exhibition games this week with three more scheduled before the official season begins next Friday.  After an initial loss in Canada on Tuesday, they were able to pull of a win Wednesday night against the Capitals at the Garden!

Even though these games don’t count for regular season standings (or much of anything), they still would’ve been great to watch (we’re look at you, NESN)!  Us Bruins fans have been waiting for a taste of the Black and Gold for months now!  The Sox season has been flailing for months, with no chance of making the playoffs; yet their games always take precedent in Boston.


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True Chowdaheadz were able to listen to the games on Sports Hub 98.5 and/or follow it on Twitter but it’s not the same!  Hopefully at least ONE of the games will be broadcast this weekend; however it’s also a Sox/Yankees weekend.  What do you think of this?  Did you listen to the game or follow it on Twitter?

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