Everyone Hates The Yankees!

Everyone knows that New England, especially Boston, hates the Yankees!  A recent map of the most hated baseball teams show that we are not alone!  Most of the United States appears to be Yankee Haters; however the Red Sox are not loved everywhere either.  Obviously New York is not a fan of Red Sox Nation but it appears Missouri and Florida aren’t fans either!


In true Masshole fashion, I’ve never really thought about Missouri so I’m not sure how to feel about their hate but Florida was a little surprising for a few reasons.  The Red Sox Spring Training camp is located there AND a lot of Red Sox Nation retires in the Sunshine State.  Don’t worry though, these two states don’t appear to have enough haters to tip the scale of an overall US poll.

The Yankees are officially the most hated team on a global scale.  In fact, the evil empire is the most hated team in the world….by a lot.  (Almost) every continent hates the Yankees the most!  (Get with it, Australia!)

 For some reason, the land down under hates the Dodgers?


Obviously the teams with the most wins are going to be the most hated but it’s still a little surprising for the Yankee brand is seen everywhere!  Even people from countries that don’t have baseball teams rock NY hats and think Jeter is God.  Are you surprised by any of these findings?

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