Poor Snoozah!


Have you heard about the $10 million lawsuit filed against ESPN by a ‘fan’ that was asleep during a Sox/Yankees game back in April?  According to the New York Post, a ‘fan’ slept through most of the game and became the bunt of the commentators’ jokes; or as the ‘victim’ claims, an “avalanche of disparaging words”.  He also claims that he only “briefly slept.”

Most people try really hard to get on the jumbo-tron, especially at a nationally televised sporting event like a Sox/Yankees game, so this is kind of ironic!  If he was able to sleep through as much of the game as he is claiming he was ridiculed for, (including the Beltran home run that 45,000 (other) fans stood up and cheered for), this was no cat nap.


Could they have been a little easier on him?  Sure.  Do they owe him an apology?  Maybe.  Should he get $10 Million?  Absolutely not!  Beyond just the principle of it, this could open up the door for many future lawsuits and change the sporting atmosphere forever!  Let’s hope the judge feels the same way.

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