What do the Brits know, anyway?

According to Buzzfeed, the Brits have some (not so) false stereotypes about people from New England.  Buzzfeed’s U.K. office asked people in England to list what they knew about each state; some of it was surprising and some of it was spot on.

Here is a breakdown of what they had to say about the New England states.

Massachusetts: Hard to Spell, Apples, Harvard, MIT, Mark Wahlberg Films and ‘Fake Irish People’

Fake Irish People?  What?!  Just because most of us have never been to Ireland doesn’t mean our heritage is less than.  Everything else seems to be spot on; except maybe ‘Mark Wahlberg’ films.  Were they thinking of Ben and Matt?

Connecticut: Rich people, Swedish, Has a ‘C’ in it, White Privilege


Maine: Seafood, Basically Canada, White People, Autumn Leaves, Lobsters, Whale Watching, Steven King

It appears they associate most things ‘New England’ with Maine. How would they like it if we said, “England is basically France”?

New Hampshire: President Bartlet, Politics, Puritans, Libertarians

After googling ‘President Bartlet’ I learned it was a ‘West Wing’ reference….moving on…

Rhode Island: Tiny, Stoned Students, Not a real place, Not in Rhodes, Not an Island.

Well, they clearly have some animosity towards The Ocean State.

Vermont: Ice Cream, Skiing, Trees, Stubborn, ‘sounds like a strong tasting mint’

Points for Ben and Jerrys; however hippies are hardly stubborn.

New England

(You can see all the states here.)

What do you think of their stereotypes about New England?  What would you say about life across the pond?

Tea anyone?

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