Wicked Strong

Next weekend is the Kentucky Derby and it appears that Boston has some skin in the game!  The Beverly-based horse, Wicked Strong, will be representing Boston all the way!

wicked strong horse

(Photo Credit: Boston Globe)

The 3 year old colt, originally to be named ‘Boston Strong’, was bought around this time last year; a few weeks after the 2013 Marathon, and has been winning ever since!  Wicked Strong and his jockey, Rajin Maragh, are based at Centennial Farms in Beverly. They most recently won the Wood Memorial and are headed to Kentucky for the May 3rd and 4th Derby!

The owners originally pledged 1% of  Wicked Strong’s winnings to be donated to the One Fund; which to date is roughly $7,000.  They’ve since upped their pledge to 5%  before this year’s Triple Crown Races.  The Kentucky Derby has a $1.4 million prize so he could potentially help a lot (more) people!

I’ve never been one to watch the Kentucky Derby and/or root for a particular horse but this year I hope you’ll join me in cheering on this fearless Bostonian!  If you want to cheer him in style, I recommend  our ‘Wicked Strong’ Tee 🙂


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