The Hoyts Will Run Again!

To many people’s surprise, Dick Hoyt and his son, Rick, are returning to this year’s Boston Marathon.  The team was supposed to have ended their Boston Marathon career last year with their 30th race; however, like many, they were unable to finish.


Dick Hoyt has pushed Rick in a custom made wheel chair through countless races.  Rick was born with Cerebral Palsy; one of the causes that Team Hoyt raises money for.  Team Hoyt has been a symbol of ‘Boston Strong’ for many years; even before the events of 2013’s Marathon occurred.

We are very happy to hear the Hoyts will be running again this year!  Anyone that runs a marathon is wicked awesome; anyone that runs a marathon pushing a wheelchair to raise money, is even more awesome!  We wish the Hoyts (and all the runners) good luck.  You make all of Boston (and the world) proud!


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