Is it Spring Yet?

We know it’s Winter, we know it’s New England, we know it’s Winter in New England; so why do we still get so worked about Winter storms?  The all-day News coverage during Winter storms must make others think we have no idea how to handle ourselves with a little white stuff on the ground.

Some Winters are definitely worse than others; this one is shaping up to be pretty bad.  At this time last year, Boston only had 9″ of snow compared to 44.8″ this year!  That is almost 5x the amount of snow with still almost 2 months to go!  The number is likely to get much higher this weekend with up to 2′ expected.

Personally, I don’t mind the snow when it happens between Thanksgiving and New Years because it helps get in the mood for the holidays; by this time of year, I’m over it!  Bring on the sand in my toes and day games at Fenway!

Do you like the snow?  Are you ready for Spring?

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