Belichick Not Worried About Branch

On Monday, the Indianapolis Colts signed former Patriot, Deion Branch, to their team; coincidentally the same week the two teams go head to head in the playoffs.  One of the concerns of the trade is that Branch can provide inside information to the Colts during Sunday night’s game; however, Belichick does not seem too concerned.

When asked about the possibility, Belichick brushed it off saying, “I think that’s way overrated…. I’m just saying in general, a lot of times a player who has been with another team tells you, ‘This is what they do, this is their call, this is this, this is that,’ and then it turns out that’s really not what it is.”

This is not Belichick’s 1st rodeo so we have to trust he knows what he is talking about.  When asked specifically if they planned to change any plans since Branch signed with the Colts, he simply said, “We’ll do whatever we think is best.”

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