2013 yay or nay?

The 2013 year has had it’s ups and downs for the city of Boston; we can undoubtedly say that we will never be the same.  The year started out relatively quiet with a Bruins lock out and not much unusual going on.

April 15th, and the following days, shook our city to the core and we came out stronger than ever.  The Boston Marathon is normally one of the best days in the city; school vacation week, Winter is over and everyone is out and about.  This year all of those things were true however it was not the best of days.

After the NHL lock out, the Bruins made it all the way to the Stanley Cup finals but ultimately fell short to the Chicago Blackhawks in game six.

This Summer, Whitey Bulger and Aaron Hernandez made sure there was always some news to talk about; not necessarily good news but it made for some good water cooler chat for all Bostonians. The Summer months also had some great Baseball games which would ultimately make for a great Fall.

Beard Nation took the the World Series by storm and brought our strong city back!  The 2013 Red Sox will go down in history as one of the most heartfelt and soulful teams!

Days after the World Series, our great city elected a new Mayor for the 1st time in  20 years!  Pretty crazy to think that Menino won’t be our fearless leader in this next year.

Do you think 2013 was a good year?  Any predictions for 2014?

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