Get Beard!

Facial hair seems to be all the rage at Fenway these days.  Last night, the Sox honored their bearded fans with $1 tickets to their game against the Orioles and the place was filled with all different kinds of beards.

Normally the beard comes out for playoff Hockey but the Sox have made it their own.  Since the Sox were in last place this time in 2012, and now have a solid 1st place lead, they definitely have something to get excited and weird about.

The Sox have always been lax with their grooming standards (see; Johnny Damon) but this year is an all out team of beards. Of course there will always be some haters, but the fans seem to be embracing the new look and sporting their own.  Let’s hope our city has beards  all the way through October until we win the series!  (knock on wood)

What do you think of the beards?


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