The Royals?

The Red Sox didn’t have their greatest performance this past weekend in Kansas City.  They lost 3 out of 4 games to the Royals who are currently 3rd in their division.  Though the majority of the games did not work out in our favor, they were still great to watch – especially Sunday’s.

 It was expected that the Sox would do well in this weekend but the Royals seem to be on fire lately.  This series win against the Sox was their 7th in a row so their momentum is going strong.

Normally it’d be a little concerning how the Sox played but we’re Chowdaheadz; we know not to get too comfortable.  They are still in 1st place with a pretty solid, three game, lead over Tampa Bay so let’s just hope this series was a fluke.

Why do  you think the Red Sox didn’t hold their own this weekend?

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