It has finally happened, Alex Rodriguez, along with 12 others, have been found guilty of using performance enhancement drugs.  The MLB announced their punishments yesterday which would keep Rodriguez from playing again until the 2015 season.  This sounds like great news to us Chowdaheadz, right?  Yes and No.  A-Rod will clearly be appealing this judgment and therefore be allowed to play through that process.

The anticipation for A-Rod’s press conference was pretty high yesterday but ended up being a complete disappointment.  He did not apologize or admit any wrong doing but he did say that he has been “living in Hell” for the last seven months because of these allegations and his recent surgery.

I can’t say that I am surprised by any of the A-Rod events; he was bound to get caught, bound to get suspended and is too arrogant to apologize or admit guilt.  (Though if I was his legal team, I would not want him to admit guilt either.)

Was anyone surprised about the decision to suspend A-Rod?  Did you think he should’ve apologized?  What if he was on the Red Sox?

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