As Chowdaheadz, we know there is nothing more ‘Massachusetts in the Summer’ than Cape Cod.  We also know that there is nothing worse than getting over the bridges on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  The new CapeFlyer train seems to be the solution.

Beginning this Summer, the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority launched a train route from South Station to Hyannis on the weekends between Memorial Day and Columbus Day (originally scheduled to end on Labor Day but was extended due to popularity.)  The duration of the trip from South Station is 2.5 hours and makes some stops along the way.  Once you arrive in Hyannis there are shuttles to all Cape Cod towns as well as to the Island Ferries.  Want to explore the Cape yourself?  Enterprise is there with rental cars!

As someone who frequents the islands and hates nothing more than traffic, this seems like very cost effective way to get to the Hy-Line Ferry without having to pay $20/day to leave my car in Hyannis.  Who wouldn’t want to pass by the bridge traffic with free Wi-Fi and their sanity in tact?  Even if it’s not for you, it is still taking cars off the road and (hopefully) reducing traffic.

What do you think of the CapeFlyer?  Have you tried it?

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