No Suspension for Big Papi

During Saturday’s game at Camden Yards, Big Papi was not happy with two strikes called against him and decided to take his frustration out on the dugout phones before charging the field and throwing an elbow pad at umpire, Tim Timmons.  Teammate Dustin Pedroia ultimately calmed him down.

Major Leagues Baseball has not officially decided how to punish Ortiz for his actions but have ruled out a suspension.  Big Papi was able to get some real revenge on Sunday when he hit 4-for-4 in the final game of the series.

It’s a relief that Big Papi will not miss any games; especially since our division is so close these days.  Overall do you think breaking two phones, charging the field and throwing things at the umpire should result in suspension?  What if it was A-Rod?




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