Should Dennard go to Jail?

According to an ESPN article, Nebraska prosecutors are trying to have Alfonso Dennard’s probation revoked.  Before the Patriots’ defensive back was arrested last week for a DUI, he was already on 2 years probation for assaulting a police officer.  Dennard was scheduled to begin serving his 30 day jail sentence in March of 2014, after the NFL season was complete.  This new charge could change all of those plans.

As a Pats fan, it’s easy to be upset with this decision for it’s potential affects on the upcoming season; however as a ‘regular person,’ assaulting a police officer and a DUI are both pretty serious offenses.  This is just one headache that the Patriots do not want to deal with.

Dennard is due back in court on July 31st, 6 days after he is supposed to be in Foxboro for training camp.  It will be interesting to see what happens.  Do you think he should go to jail for what he did, or does your Patriots love cancel that out?

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