How Much do you ‘Love That Dirty Water?’

Boston is known for a lot of things; even people that think Sam Adams is just a beer know that we have some Dirty Water…or do we?

Last weekend, the Charles River had some (welcomed) swimmers for the first time since the 1950s; after the EPA said it is now safe enough for people to swim “on most days.”

The combined efforts of the city and EPA has clearly worked; from 1995-2011, the river’s water quality rose from a ‘D’ grade to a ‘B.’  Having an accessible and safe body of water running through a city can only be a good thing, right?

Personally, I’ll stick to the ocean and pools; however it’s good to know that if I fall off a kayak  into the Charles, my 1st born will not have an extra eye.

We must know, would you do a Cannon Ball into the Charles River on ‘most days?’

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