Will You Watch the All-Star Game Tonight?

Tonight is the MLB All-Star game between the American and National leagues.  It seems as though anticipation for this event gets lower and lower every year but people still talk about it the next day.  Does this mean that watching the game is like rollerblading: even if you like it, you won’t tell your friends you do it?

The All-Star ratings have been on the decline for a long time.  Is it because the game is no longer the one time of year the two leagues play each other?  Or is it simply because the rivalry doesn’t really exist?  One can’t say, “It doesn’t count for anything.” because when the Red Sox make the World Series this year, we want home field advantage, no?

Chances are we’ll be watching tonight’s game; even if it is due to the lack of other TV choices in mid-July.  So tell us, will you be watching?  (We won’t tell your friends.)

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