What does ‘Boston Strong’ mean to you?

We Bostonians have dealt with a lot of things: Nor’Easters, The ‘86 Red Sox, Hurricanes, Bennifer, The Big Dig (to name a few,) but we always come back stronger.

The events of Marathon Monday have really tested Bostonians both individually and as a whole.  Though it’s only been two weeks since the Marathon, we can already see that Boston is Stronger than ever.

We asked some fellow Chowdaheadz what Boston Strong means to them and this is what they said…

“People are the toughest around”

“Our Mayor checked himself out of the hospital early to help his city…that’s definitely Boston Strong”

“We take whatever is thrown at us”

“Unity no matter what race, creed, color, religion or political affiliation”

“That the crowds will be bigger at next year’s marathon!”

“86 year losing streak, and yet fans are still die hard!  Scars only make you tougher!”


“Boston is not only a town; it’s a family”

“We stick together through thick and thin”

“If you’ve ever parked in Southie after a blizzard, you are Boston Strong”

“Two Words: Sports Teams”


So now we must know; what does Boston Strong mean to you?

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