Happy New Year to All New England Sports Fans!

2013 hopes and wishes abound!

Yes, this is a little late. But it’s the thought that counts. (Or is that only with late gifts, inexpensive gifts or gifts that are the wrong size?) Anyway, New England Patriots sports fans were given a New Years gift by the Pats as they easily beat the Miami Dolphins the day before New Years Eve and not only won their division but earned a bye week and a first round home game.

New Year, New Hope

The New Year brings new hope. The hope that I might lose that 10 pounds that keeps dogging me; the hope that I will win that next Mega Bucks drawing; the hope that indeed I will not go bald. But these are personal issues. There are more global, all-encompassing humanitarian hopes to have. Here are four of mine.

Pats Win, Pats, Win, Pats Win!

Another Super Bowl victory would make my 2013. The Patriots have been there as of late and have post it as of late. Since they last raised the Lombardi Trophy (2004), the Patriots have lost two Super Bowls (2007, 2011) and missed the big game a bunch of times by losing in the playoffs. They have not been able to seal the deal and they really need to do that this time.

Tuukka Saves!

Yes, Tuukka Rask makes numerous big saves. Of course in order to do that, you’d need to have a NHL season. The goal was to get some sort of season up and running by mid-January. How’s that looking? I’d say not very good. Come on, guys, lets drop the attitude on both sides, get a new CBA signed, sealed and delivered and start generating some quality ice time.

Celtics Big 3

Will the new Celtics big three please come forward? Oh, man, I know they are trying but they are at the same time trying our patience. Still, I like the team. However, they are under .500 and not looking good at all as now Rondo’s health is an issue. My hope for 2013 is that Fab Melo can fill out the new Celtic Big three with Garnett and Pierce.

Red Sox Contenders

I am not asking that the Red Sox win the World Series, the Pennant or even their division (although all of those would be very nice). I just want these guys to care, fight hard and be contenders. I want them to care more than the fans do. I want to see that pride come back to this team and I’d like to see Ben Cherington make a real mega-deal.

World Peace

Oh, yes, world peace and not the world going to pieces. I’d take that too. Let’s hope that the New Year brings all of us many victories in many different ways!

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