Is Fab Melo Now Smooth, Mature and Tough Enough for the NBA?

Could Fab Melo be headed to the Boston Celtics sooner than later?

The news on Fab Melo has been very good recently. After a slow start in D-League play, the Boston Celtic draftee and rookie has been burning up the court for the Maine Red Claws. I noted his triple-double in a recent blog and right after that he put in another great game. Can Melo be just a few games away from joining the Celtics? Here’s what’s happening.

Melo in Maine

Fab Melo set a D-League record a few nights ago for most rebounds in a single game with 14. That was the night of his triple-double, which was against the Erie Bay Hawks on Saturday. There’s more news today on Melo.

In his next game, which was on Wednesday night against the Idaho Stampede, Melo scored 32 points, grabbed 9 rebbies and blocked 9 shots! (Almost another triple-double.) We are hearing about a new Fab Melo. At Syracuse, the most he scored in a game was 14 points.

Ready for Primetime?

Here are a few things to consider regarding Melo. He’s got talent and size (7’-0”). He’s making fine and fast strides in Maine. But the D-League is not the NBA and even though he’s had two great games, no one is putting his name on a locker at the Garden yet. He not ready. But, then there’s another way of thinking.

Give Melo a few more games up north and if he continues to dominate bring him south to Beantown and work him into the lineup. There are negatives in doing this with the primary one being that the guy needs playing time. He probably won’t get much with the Celtics. He’ll get a lot with the Red Claws.

Tempting Scenario

With the Celtics hurting upfront, it’s tempting to bring Melo in and see how he does. But introducing him to NBA play too early could hurt him in various ways, especially as far as confidence goes. And the fact is he may end up being more of a negative than a positive. He’s bound to make mistakes, be overwhelmed and get frustrated.

Doc Rivers and the Celtics are taking the long view with Melo and that’s good. They see a bright future for the guy and don’t want to risk it in any way. Still, it’s tempting to want to give Melo a few games with the Boston Celtics. Especially with Boston being stuck around the .500 mark. Maybe Melo can add some extra juice to the team?

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