Chilly New England Patriots Host San Francisco 49ers

The New England Patriots ran all over the St. Louis Rams.

The first place New England Patriots (10-3 host the first place San Francisco 49ers (9-3-1) tonight. The weather will be chilly and rain or snow is expected. This is an interesting matchup. The Patriots are at -5.0, which was the line last week when they humiliated Houston. This game is yet another test for the Patriots to prove if they are as good as they seem to be. Their explosive offense and opportunistic defense is not only winning games but also making opponents look hapless and ridiculous.

Offense Versus Defense

The Patriots have scored more points than any team in the NFL and the 49ers have allowed fewer points than any team in the NFL. The Patriots have scored 472 points this season, while San Fran has allowed 184. On the other hand, the 49ers have put 316 points on the board and New England has allowed 274. The Pats are +198 and the team from the city by the bay at +132.

The question is does defense beat offense tonight? I don’t think that it does. Why not? Because New England has too many weapons, making them extremely difficult to stop.

The St. Louis Rams

Here’s something to contemplate. The 49ers have one loss and one tie. Both were against the St. Louis Rams. When they first met the two teams tied at 24 and then a few weeks ago the Rams beat San Francisco 16-13. The Rams are third in the NFC West with a record of 6-6-1.

Now take into consideration the annihilation that occurred in London when the Patriots beat the Rams handily 45-7. It’s an odd thing to consider in terms of what it means regarding tonight’s matchup.

By the way, the 49ers have handled Miami and Buffalo easily, as has New England and they beat the Arizona Cardinals, which is a club that defeated the Pats early in the season.

New England Outcome

I believe that the New England patriots will be victorious tonight. Expect Tom Brady to utilize five receivers and for the Pats to establish the running game early to open up the air game. One thing that will help keep the San Francisco defense off balance will New England’s no huddle. That has been the undoing of many solid defenses this season. The final will be 30-10. Once again, I’d like to recognize the Patriots for honoring the victims of Newtown, CT, tonight.

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