NHL Talks Are Nonexistent, NHLPA Disclaimer of Interest

Tuukka Rask deserves his season!

The NHL talks have become ridiculous. Earlier this week the two sides showed up to meet but they refused to be in the same room together. There’s more animosity between these two sides then there ever was between the Montreal Canadians and the Boston Bruins. So, what can we do as fans? I’m not sure. I feel as if we’re the one’s suffering the most. Here is the latest on the strike

NHLPA Disclaimer of Interest

The NHL Players Association is looking to file a disclaimer of interest. If this happens, then the owners may have to soften their stance. A disclaimer of interest by the executive board of the NHLPA will in essence disband the union and if the players do not have a union, they cannot legally be locked out. The owners may then be liable for huge fines and other sanctions, giving the players a lot more power.

The players must vote to give the executive board the power to vote on the disclaimer of interest. If the board does vote to do so, you may see owners scrambling for a solution.

Games Cancelled

The league has cancelled all games through the end of December. That’s in addition to cancelling the Winter Classic, which has become hugely popular, and the All-Star Game. The NHL All-Star is a great event with to amazing contests and a game that’s usually a shootout.

Back on the Ice

If you’ve read my take on the lockout before, you know that I simply want the players back on the ice where they belong. I’ve been looking forward to Bruin goalie Tuukka Rask finally getting his chance at being the team’s main guy in the net and thus far the lockout has taken that away from him.

When Might They Start?

If the disclaimer of interest is voted on and passed, it will have an almost immediate effect. That means we may see pro hockey in the U.S. and Canada by January 1, 2013. It will be a shortened season for sure but at least we’ll have a season. Then again, this is uncharted territory so who knows what may happen if the union in essence is disbanded? The owners will then have a move to make and I would think it will involve the courts. Whatever the case may be, I am not optimistic for a speedy end to this situation although I am hoping for one.

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