Boston Red Sox Going After Starting Pitcher Ryan Dempster

Pitcher Ryan Dempster looked good at the start of the season.On May 3, 2013, MLB pitcher Ryan Dempster, a 15-year vet, will be 36 years old. News is the Boston Red Sox want Dempster but the question is should they spend millions over 2 to 3 years on the guy? Two pitchers, free-agent starters Kyle Lohse or Anibal Sanchez, would be better for the Red Sox. These starters appear to have more in their tank than Dempster. The Red Sox have offered Dempster $26 million for 2 years but he wants a three-year deal. The Red Sox are considering offering him one.

2012 Season

This past season, which Dempster started with the Cubs before going to the Rangers, he was 5-5 with a 3.38 ERA, pitching 104 innings with Chicago. He was then traded to the Rangers where he went 7-3 with a 5.09 ERA over 69 innings. He did have a good run with the Cubs. At one point Dempster didn’t allow a run in 33 consecutive innings.

Although his record was better with Texas, it’s important to remember that he had a lot more run support when he was with the Rangers. Here’s a scary stat: with the Rangers he allowed a minimum of four earned runs in five of his 12 starts. Plus, he averaged less than six innings per start. His ERA with Texas was 5.09.

Not Getting Younger

It’s important to consider how old Dempster is and how much he wants. He wants the Red Sox to give him a deal that will employ him to the age of 39! He had his best years with the Cubs as from 2008 through 2011 he went 53- 41 with an ERA over those four years of 3.82. Each of those seasons he pitched over 200 innings struck out about 185 per year.

But his stats really suffered last season as he pitched 173 innings, went 12-8 with 155 Ks. I think the guy could be a problem especially as he gets long in tooth.

Reconsider Dempster

The Red Sox need to reconsider whether they really want to spend a lot of cash over three years on an aging starter like Dempster. I think it’s a bad investment. GM Ben Cherington needs to be smart shopper especially when it comes to pitching. I don’t think Boston needs an aging starter like Dempster. The Red Sox need guys who can give them quality starts and solid strings of innings.

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