Pats QB Tom Brady may be the Best of the Best in the NFL

Patriots Tom Brady best QB NFL
Tom Brady on cover of VMAN this fall is one dominant QB.
There are some who are close in stats and others who even surpass him in a few categories, but for my money Tom Brady is finest NFL QB playing today. It’s not just because of what he did to the Texans last night, a team that has a solid defense. It has to do with how he has performed this year and over numerous years. Here are five things that I think make Brady the best in the NFL of all QBs.

INTs Are Few

Only three QBs have tossed fewer interceptions than Brady this year. But none of them have played as much or thrown for as many yards. Brady is amazingly consistent and smart and that’s partly proven by the fact that he has thrown only four INTs.

Knows How to Pick Them

Tom Brady can see the whole field and has the ability to pick the right guy to throw to when the pressure is on. Last night I saw Houston’s Matt Staub throw a pass to a wide out that was risky and did not connect. It was third down. He had a tight end running a slant who was wide open and would have picked up the first down and more. I don’t think Staub ever saw him.

Brady is not perfect, but he tends to really know how to pick them when it comes to choosing which receiver with whom he should connect. That’s a great trait.

Leadership and Experience

Brady has been in the NFL for 13 years and he has garnered a lot of experience that he knows how to use. Add to that his ability to be a real leader and you’ve got an amazing winning combination that makes for great quarterbacking.

Runs a Fantastic No-Huddle

The Patriot QB is expert at running one of the best no-huddle offenses I’ve ever seen. They’re always together and in synchronization. In the game against the Texans, the Pats ran 70 plays, which was five more than Houston. New England had the ball a little longer than Houston but not that much longer in that the time of possession would give them five more plays. With the no-huddle working properly defenses get worn down and confused and offenses get more chances to score.

Fundamentally Sound

This may sound a bit odd but what really makes Brady one of the best in the NFL, if not the best, is the fact that his rudiments are so darn polished and honed. He’s got all the basics down and that allows him to make great plays. Mentally, physically and psychologically, Brady has every fundamental in order. Add to that a fine running game, sound O-line and a deep receiving group, he’s by far the very best in the league.

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