Rondo Can Get #38, Pats Look Great, Red Sox Napoli & Bruins

Tim Thomas is missing nothing this season as the NHL lockout continues.
It’s been a while since I’ve done a quick rundown of the four major Boston sports teams so here it goes—a quick look at the Celtics, Pats, Red Sox and Bruins.

Rondo Watch

The Boston Celtics (8-6) beat the Orlando Magic (5-8) in OT last night 116-110. The Celtics are 12th in the NBA in points per game but they are 30th in rebounding. One stat that’s getting a lot of attention is the one focusing on assists. Boston is first in the NBA in that category and Rajon Rondo leads the league in assists. Rondo tied John Stockton’s mark for consecutive games with 10+ assists, which is 37. The Celtics play the Brooklyn Nets next in Boston on Wednesday. Rondo can surpass Stockton in that game.

Love the Pats

The New England Patriots (8-3) have total control over their division. The Jets and Buffalo are both at 4-7. Miami is hanging on at 5-6. The Pats play the Dolphins in Miami this week. That could be the end Miami’s bid for a postseason berth. The Patriots have scored an astounding 407 points thus far this season and are at +163 PF/PA. Both top the NFL.

Red Sox Napoli

The Boston Red Sox are showing an interest in slugger Mike Napoli and the Texas hitter is showing interest in them. The free agent came to Boston for the Thanksgiving weekend. Napoli, who is both a catcher and first baseman, would be a welcome addition to the Sox. This is especially true if the team is unable to sign Cody Ross.

Those who met with Naploi included owner John Henry, GM Ben Cherington and manager John Farrell. There’s no word on how strong the interest is on Napoli’s part nor the Red Sox.

NHL Cancels All-Star Game

This week the NHL cancelled the All-Star game. They cancelled the Winter Classic a few weeks ago. No Bruins, no NHL, no hockey—what’s next? It looks like no Stanley Cup Playoffs.

It’s going to be a very cold 2013 if the owners end up killing the entire season. I think this is crazy.

Exciting Times for Boston

The Celtics are coming together, the Patriots have found their stride and the Red Sox are showing promise. It’s an exciting time to be a Boston sports fan. Now if only the NHL owners will see the light and the players can get a new, fair CBA.

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