Johnny Gomes Boston Red Sox 2-Year Deal Looks Good

Ah, the good ol' days as Rays' Gomes mixes it up with the Boston Red Sox.
The Boston Red Sox signing of outfielder Johnny Gomes may not be team changing in terms of stats or big plays. But Gomes could be team changing in other ways. He will give the club about 100 games in right field, hit lefties and righties and be a solid anchor in the lower third of the batting order. Plus, he’s known to be a great clubhouse guy and god knows the Red Sox need all that and more. Okay, sure he was part of that brawl many years ago when there was a lot of bad blood between the Red Sox and Devil Rays. But that was a long time ago. That’s water under the bridge, spilt milk that’s evaporated and a firecracker that’s long lost its pop.

Well Travelled

Gomes has gotten around. He’s been in the AL 7 years and the NL 3. He’s played for Tampa Bay (6 years), Cincinnati (3 years), Washington (1 year) and Oakland (1 year). He’s capable of hitting 20 homeruns, batting .265 and knocking in 60 runs. Those will be very helpful numbers. His winning personality could also help guys relax a bit and enjoy the game.

No Big Deal

GM Ben Cherington signed Gomes to a two-year, $5 million deal. That’s not a lot of cash considering what the Red Sox get. It’s great to have a guy who loves being on team, loves playing the game and will be competitive. No, he won’t break any records, he won’t lead the Red Sox in hitting (if he does the team is in real trouble) and he won’t steal 20 basses. Be he’ll be an important part of the 2013 Boston Red Sox and a true team guy.

The New Boston Red Sox

Who will the “new” Boston Red Sox be? They are shaping up to be a team led by a manager (John Farrell) who is respected and liked by players, who knows the game and who won’t make excuses. They are a team with some great star vets, some talented young guys and some fine role players. They are a team with a solid and sound foundation and with young guys who offer quality in many ways.

They are a team that’s being crafted with care by GM Cherington and not pasted together ad hoc as was last year’s Red Sox. That’s the best thing about the 2013 Boston Red Sox. Things should start heating up in the hot stove league fairly soon.
The Red Sox are still search of some key players, including starting pitching and relief and hitters.

There’s hope on Yawkey Way. Red Sox Nation, take heart!

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