Boston Sports Thanksgiving List and Wish

I'm Thankful for many Boston Sports blessings.
I’ve decided to keep it simple today, which is Thanksgiving Day, and make a list of 10 sporting related things for which I am thankful. The list is mine alone (I’m sure you have your own). So here goes my list which unlike college football teams is NOT ranked.

First 5

I’m thankful for the Boston Red Sox history and that means every part of it. They’ve had some amazing moments of joy and some terrible times of despair, but the fact is they are our team and the only one with a NATION to boot. I’m glad to have been a fan my entire life. The Red Sox have an amazingly rich history.

I’m thankful for Robert Kraft and for Coach Bill. Kraft bought the Patriots and created a new way of doing things that inspired to other franchises in Boston. Coach Bill can in and created a new era for football in New England. For years that Pats were the laughingstock of the league. That’s changed in many ways.

Larry Bird—I am definitely thankful for that guy. He made basketball exciting and fun again and he was also sort of important in a few Celtic championships. He trash talked opponents, made amazing moves and passes and, yes, “Bird stole the ball.”

The best baseball booth guy in the biz—I’m thankful for Jerry Remy. He’s smart, funny, silly, serious, and he knows the game inside out. He’s made Wally into another entity and he connects well with fans, players and management. Remdawg—gotta love him.

The 2010-2011 Boston Bruins and Tim Thomas. The Bruins brought the Cup back to Boston and Tim Thomas wasn’t bad in goal for an old guy setting season and postseason records. What a great season that was! Wish we had some NHL going on now.

Second 5

I’m thankful for Dave Roberts and that steal that changed the Yankee series, make New York the poster child for the biggest MLB choke ever and propelled the Red Sox into the World Series where they would sweep the Cards in win their first championship since 1918. I’m also thankful that Terry Francona put in Roberts to pinch run. I can think of a few Boston skippers that might have missed that basic move.

I’m thankful for Tom Brady. He’s an amazing competitor, dedicated player and go-to guy. You ever think that some day he’s going to retire? Then what do we do? Brady is also a class act.

Paul Pierce is another guy I am thankful for. Pierce is a Celtic through-and-through. He’s seen more bad times in Boston and been through more good times than any other guy currently on that team. Remember the years where it was pretty Pierce trying to carry that team? He got tired, he got emotional and he got frustrated, but he never gave up.

I’m thankful for the many days I’ve spent at Fenway Park, the Boston Garden and Gillette Stadium. I am especially thankful for Fenway because of its history and the things I’ve witness such as Yaz’s 3,000th hit and the 1-game playoff between the Yanks and Sox that included Bucky Dent’s ridiculous homer. I also listen to the broadcast of Bird stealing the ball from Thomas in Fenway. The Red Sox game was over but a few hundred of us were huddled around radios in the park when we heard Johnny Most’s words.

I’m thankful for the real New England fans. The ones who know the game inside out, including the histories of each team, and who love being fans of four famous franchises. Yeah, I’m very thankful for them.

One More & a Wish

I have an 11th thing to be thankful for. The other day I missed getting hammered by a car going 80 miles an hour that ran a red light. It was a matter of inches and what saved me was pure chance. So, I am VERY thankful to be writing this blog because if that maniac had hit me I’m sure I’d never again have had the chance to write another word. So be careful on your Thanksgiving travels, have a great day with your family and enjoy your turkey with all of the trimmings. Go Pats!

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