New England Plays the New York Jets on Turkey Day

Jets coach Rex Ryan has little to be happy about.
This is cool—the New England Patriots journey to just south of Foxborough to play the New York Jets. You’ve got to love this matchup for various reasons. The first is coach Rex Ryan, who is obsessed with New England and once again leading the Jets to another terrible season. Since Ryan has been coach the Jets have simply gotten worse each year.


Let’s get this over with—the injury to TE Rob Gronkowski is big. He is the team’s top receiver. However, it’s not irreparable. Gronk has undergone surgery and will be out a bunch of weeks, but the Patriots have some solid vets waiting to step up and Aaron Hernandez will be set to go soon. For this game, the Pats still possess the edge because they have Tom Brady at QB. Neither QBs Mark Sanchez nor Tim Tebow can come close to Brady. New England also holds a major edge in the ground game. They are around plus-40 when compared to the Jets.

Defense is Key

The Pats run defense is stingy while their pass defense is looking fairly solid again. Still, they are ranked 30th in the NFL against the air game. However, the Jets don’t have much of a passing attack to throw at them. So, I like New England’s defense. The Jets bring one of the best pass defenses to the field but have a tough time versus the run. They are 30th in stopping the ground game. The Patriots offense is 5th in passing and 4th in rushing. So, let’s see New England run for pay dirt on Thursday.

Pats Win Again

New England is favored by 7 points in this contest. The two teams are almost even in points allowed but the Patriots are about plus-15 in points for. I expect that New England will handle New York and win by 10 or more. New York can beat an inferior team but I doubt they’ll be able to deal with the Patriots. The Pats are a much better team now than they were when the two teams met about a month ago and New England won 29-26 in OT.

If New England beats the Jets on Sunday, then you can rule New York pretty much out of the playoffs. What’s even better is you’ll see Rex Ryan having a major meltdown. It’ll be a great Thanksgiving if the biggest turkey around is Ryan. Go Pats!

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