Boston Celtics Lose to Detroit Pistons, Rondo Keeps Streak

Pistons easily handled the Celtics.
Pistons easily handled the Celtics.
The good news is Rajon Rondo kept his assist streak alive; the bad news is the Boston Celtics lost to the Detroit Pistons 108- 83. It was the Pistons first home win and the loss put the Celts at 6-5. The Pistons are now 2-9. What happened? How did Boston lose to Detroit? Let’s go to the stats.

Stats Tell the Tale

The Pistons shot the lights out of the scoreboard. They hit 54.2% from the field and 36.4% from the three-point arc. They were astounding from the foul line shooting 80.8%. Contrast that to Boston. The Celts were good for just 45.1% from the floor. From downtown they were exceptionally poor. It was as if the Celtics were shooting from the Boston Garden. They hit a mere 23.5% from three-point land. Their 78.9% from the foul line was good but they went sparingly to the line.

Finally, the Celtics were beat badly at rebounding. Detroit grabbed 39 and Boston 30. Also, on assists Detroit was superior getting 29 while Boston has just 12 and 10 of those were Rondos.

Rondo Gets 10 Assists

Rondo, who had 12 points, managed to get his 10th assist late in the game. Three more straight 10 or better games with an assist and he’ll tie John Stockton’s record of 37 games. If he does that, Rondo will then have to do the same for 9 more games to tie Magic Johnson’s record of 46 straight games with 10 or more assists.

Next Up for the Cs

The Boston Celtics play at home on Wednesday against the San Antonio Spurs (8-2) and then play the Oklahoma City Thunder (8-3) on Friday. Oklahoma City is eighth in the league in scoring and San Antonio is ninth. The Celtics are 13th in scoring. The Thunder stands at 10th and the Spurs are 13th in the NBA. Boston is 18th in opponent scoring.

When it comes to field goal percentage the two teams are extremely close at sixth, seventh and eighth. However in opponent FG%, Oklahoma City is third. San Antonio is 16th in FG% while the Celtics are 21st. The edge in both of these games goes to the visitors; however both teams are on the road during the holiday and that can work against the Boston Garden visitors.

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