New England Patriots Welcome Indianapolis Colts Today

"Aqib Talib New England Patriots"
Corner Aqib Talib at his first New England Patriot practice.
The 6-4 New England Patriots will host the 6-4 Indianapolis Colts today at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. This is a tough week for the Pats as they play Sunday afternoon and then travel to New York to play the Jets on Thanksgiving. The Jets also play today as they are in St. Louis against the Rams.


Recent history has seen the Pats go 2-1 against the Colts in the past three years. In each of those games, New England has scored at least 31 points. The last time they lost to the Colts was in 2009 when Indy defeated them 35-34. In the last two contests, which were both won by the Patriots, New England has kept the Colts to 28 points of less.

Defensive Addition Talib

On Saturday, the Patriots activated CB Aqib Talib and released Deion Branch. Talib, who was acquired from Tampa Bay on November 1, was serving a four-game suspension for taking performance-enhancing drugs. This Sunday is the first time he is eligible to play since the suspension was in effect.

Talib is a welcome addition to a defense that is dealing with various injuries and a secondary that continues to be play in an inconsistent manner. Although the Colts are not an offensive juggernaut, they are playing well and might end up being a substantial threat as the Arizona Cardinals proved to be when they came to Gillette.

How’s It Look?

This game scares me a bit. Here’s why. We have the Colts coming in with a lot to gain from a victory. They are second in the AFC South to Houston (8-1). The Colts and Pats PA are the same—201. The Colts PF is much lower as they have scored 186 and the Patriots 299. But against a weaker defense like the Pats’ the Colts have the potential to post a decent score and if Indy can make a play or two on defense, this can end up being a close one.

The other factor is complacency versus drive. The Pats have won three straight and are coasting in their division. But they can’t look at it that way. The Colts come to New England with a four-game winning streak. They are also pumped up after ailing head coach Chuck Pagano came in to visit the team. Pagano is currently being treated for leukemia and is out until late December. But he’s in touch with the team and has been making some valiant efforts to see them. It’s not quite “win one for the Gipper,” but his presence at a team practice the other day may have a significant effect.

My Take

I feel as if the Patriots will win today. Will they do it by 8 or more points? I believe Brady and company will score 32 and the Colts will connect for 21. So, you do the math and enjoy the game.

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