Boston Celtics Battle Milwaukee Bucks to the Bitter End

Kevin Garnett Boston Celtics resign
Celtic frontman Kevin Garnett made two big frees
The Boston Celtics have not had it easy thus far. Once again, the Celtics have played the Milwaukee Bucks and once again they struggled. The Celtics lost the first three quarters and as the fourth quarter started they found themselves down by four points. It was gut-check time as Boston went into the fourth quarter in Milwaukee.

Count Down

With less than two minutes to go in the game, the Celtics found themselves ahead by five with the score being 87-82. With 25 seconds left, it was Celts 91 and Bucks 90. It was Kevin Garnett who sealed the deal with 00:00 left on the clock as he hit two free throws to make the final score 96-92. That put the Celtics even at 3-3.

A group of Celtics came through at the end, including Kevin Garnett who hit his last two free throws to seal the deal on the win. Other who went 1 of 2 on frees with less than a minute left include Rajon Rondon, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry.

Is This a Good Team?

I’ve heard many people say that the Boston Celtics are simply bad. I think that’s a residual effect from what was a horrendous Red Sox season as well as a negativity that was created when Ray Allen went to the Miami Heat.

I’ve said this before and I will say it once again—who knows how good or bad this Celtic team is? The fact is they have not been together long enough for us to know and they have not played enough games yet. Give them a chance.

Give the Crown to the Heat?

Not so fast on anointing and ordaining LeBron and company. There are still about 76 more games to play and things can change rapidly in the NBA as injuries take their toll, players go cold and team chemistry morphs into animosity.

Right now I’m being patient with the Celtics. Doc Rivers has proven to be a solid coach and Paul Pierce, who has been with this team through thick and thin, is a quality players in every way. Garnett is driven, Rondo has come into his own and there’s some developing talent that may help Boston go the distance. Chill fans and enjoy the ride. I think Boston will be in the mix in the end and possibly in better shape than the Heat.

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