New England Patriots Host Buffalo Bills Tomorrow and Win

"New England Patriots beat Buffalo Bills September 2012"
New England dominated Buffalo in the second-half in September.
Does the title of this piece contain a prediction? Yes, it does very clearly. How can I be so bold as to say that New England will beat Buffalo tomorrow? It has to do with a few things—stats, history and rosters. Okay, here’s how I see tomorrow’s game and it will not be pretty for the Buffalo Bills.


The stats don’t lie. The Pats have scored an average of 10 more points per game this season than the Bills and have kept teams to 10 fewer points per game. On offense they lead in both pass and rush yards. On defense, the Bills hold the edge against the air ball but not by much. New England has held opponents to less than 90 yards on the ground. Give a massive edge in stats to the Patriots.


Recent history, meaning the game played between New England and Buffalo on September 30, 2012, saw the Pats kill the Bills 52- 28. In the last 10 meetings, New England is 9-1. In that time at home, the Patriots are 4-0. This season in the last five games, Buffalo is 1-4 and the Pats are 4-1. The major edge goes to New England.


What can I say about the rosters? Not a lot that is not obvious. New England has so many offensive weapons it is hard to keep track of them. The Bills have fewer receivers to throw to, while the Pats offer an amazing array of pass catchers plus a very fine group of running backs.

On defense, the Pats still have their holes in the secondary. But in order to exploit those holes, the Bills will need to do two things. They must establish a running game and they must be able to hold off the pass rush. The problem for Buffalo is that they can do neither. They do not have the manpower.

On defense—the Bills are no match to the Patriots’ offense. If New England shows up to win tomorrow, they will with ease.

What To Expect

I believe that with tomorrow’s good weather at Gillette Stadium that the Patriots will hammer the Bills. It will be another massacre reminiscent of the annihilation of the Rams two weeks ago in London. The score will be 40-10 in favor of the Patriots. It will be as simple as that. When all is said and done, New England will continue to be in total control of their division. The Pats will be 6-3. I think both Miami and the New York Jets will lose tomorrow. That means that New England will be in total control.

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