Boston Celtics Get First Win Against Washington Wizards

Might shooting guard Courtney Lee be a key player?

The Boston Celtics managed their initial win of the 2012-2013 NBA season by beating the Washington Wizards 89-86. The Celts are 1-2 and presently at the bottom of the Atlantic Division. Boston held Washington to just 2 points at the starts of the game, as the Wizards went 1 for their first 14 and then the Celtics held them to no points for almost the final three minutes of the contest.

Celtic coach Doc Rivers thought that the team brought some fine intensity to the court last night and that they worked well together to stop the Wizards from finding their rhythm and scoring. Rivers seemed a lot happier with the performance by his team last night than in their last time out when they played the Bucks in Boston and were flat.

Wizards Missing A Few Things

However, the Wizards noted that they had been miscommunicating on the court. Washington’s inability to execute was a major reason that they cited for their inability to score. Short on starters and raw when it came to playmaking, the hobbled Wizards gave Boston an advantage.


The game really seemed to come down to three-point shots. Boston was 8-21 (38.1%) and Washington was 6-20 (30.0%). In an 89-86 game, hitting two more threes gave the Green the margin of victory.

For the Celtics, it was Rajon Rondo going 2 of 2 from downtown and Paul Pierce hitting 4 of 8. Jeff Green hit 1 of his 2 and Leandro Barbosa was good for 1 as he tossed up three long balls. Courtney Lee missed all four of his three-point shots and Jason Terry was 0-2.

A Win Is A Win?

Is a win a win? It is. That’s all there is to it and the Celtics now have their first. The Celtics play their next two at home. They meet the Wizards again on Wednesday and then they host Philadelphia for their first meeting of the season. On Saturday they travel to Milwaukee to play the Bucks.

This week I expect Boston to be starting to find its rhythm and balance as Rivers continues to work towards making Boston as competitive as they can be. The Celtics are in a tough division with teams that have shown improvement. The biggest concerns are the vets and their health. The team really needs Garnett and Pierce to be at the top of their games. Rondo is looking solid. Jeff Green (PF) is making good contributions.

Who is going to be the guy to go to in the clutch? It might be Rondo (PG), Pierce (SF) or Garnett (PF). But I’d like to have one more guy to call on when all else fails. I’m not sure who that is yet. I would like it to be outside player Courtney Lee (SG). Can he be the one?

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