Boston Celtics and Miami Heat Open the 2012-2013 NBA Season

Former Boston Celtic Ray Allen goes to the dark side.
Just a few days from now the Boston Celtics will open the 2012-2013 NBA Season in Miami against the Heat. The date is October 30, 2012, and the time is 8 pm ET. What do I expect? A grudge match certainly. Part of the grudge has to do with last season and the fact that the Heat and not the Celtics won the NBA title. Another part is connected to the Ray Allen’s decision to abandon the Green for Pat Riley’s Miami club. What do I expect that first night of the season?

First of 82 Games

This is the first of 82 games for both teams. Will it be hard fought? Yes, it definitely will be. LeBron James will knock down a lot of baskets and will dominate. Paul Pierce will be emotionally connected to the game and leading the charge for the Celts. Kevin Garnett will have a big night for the Green.

Ray Allen will be out to prove something. What will he prove? He wants to make it very clear that he made the right choice and that means that he wants to hit as many threes as he can. For the Celtics, it’s Rajon Rondo who will be out to reveal just exactly how important an asset he is. It’s a big game for the guy.

And the Winner Is?

Which team wins this first game? I’m saying the Heat do. I don’t want them to but I believe they will. However, I think the real winner will be the fans. Yes, we win because the Celtic/Heat rivalry is now huge. Both teams are playoff bound even before the first game of the regular season is played. But which is the master over the other? That won’t be told until the regular season and postseason are over.

This is the new 76ers/Celtics rivalry from the 60s and 70s and the reincarnation of the Lakers/Celtics rivalry from the 80s. This is a golden matchup and the fans on both sides get to enjoy what should be a super intensive series.

LeBron’s Goal

LeBron James has stated that his goal is to be the best of all-time. Is that possible? What does that mean? Can he really be better than Russell, Abul-Jabbar, Kobe or Jordan? At least three of those guys redefined the game. What about Chamberlain, Magic and Bird? Is he better than them? I’m going to say “no.” And I simply don’t care what the guy does he’ll never be as good as any of them. Oh, yeah, there’s also Shaq.

This is his 10th season in the NBA. Will the stats be there for him to be considered one of the best? Yes, they will be. Will the championships be there? Hmmm? I think the Celtics’ goal is to make sure James doesn’t reach his goal. We can’t let him be the best ever.

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