Boston Red Sox Coaching Interviews

"Boston Red Sox catcher Tony Pena"
Tony Pena was a popular Boston Red Sox player.
The search is on for the next Red Sox skipper and one of my favorites was interviewed on Monday. Tony Pena, who is now the New York Yankee bench coach, was in Boston yesterday. The Red Sox have already interviewed Los Angeles Dodgers third-base coach Tim Wallach. That was on Friday. They will also see San Diego Padres special assistant Brad Ausmus on Wednesday and Baltimore Orioles third-base coach DeMarlo Hale on Thursday.

Range of Candidates

So far the Red Sox are looking at a range of possible skippers. Brad Ausmus is a scary prospect due to his lack of experience. For my money you might as well interview Jason Varitek for the job. (I think Tek will be a great coach and after a few years experience with Boston and working with Ben Cherington will be ready for the job.)

It’s an Election Year!

Did you notice that it’s an election year? People are running for everything from dogcatcher to president so I’m going to cast my vote early here and go with Tony Pena as the manager. He’s a smart baseball guy with a winning personality who is highly competitive. I loved the guy when he was a Red Sox and I believe he’ll be a fine manager. He’s just the sort of personality this team needs after dealing with the likes of Bobby Valentine. Of course, I don’t have a vote.


So, who is the most Lucchino-able guy? You know the new manager has to be Lucchino-able in order to get the job? Why is that the case? Who do you think is making the decision regarding this hiring?

What’s it like to be Lucchino-able? Well, you can’t have too much of a winning personality. I mean, Larry is sort of humorless. So, you need a sense of seriousness. Also, this next manager has to be credentialed enough to make sense but can’t be known enough to draw immediate criticism. Why does that make him Lucchino-able? You ever notice how Lucchino deals with criticism? It’s sort of like the same way the presidential candidates deal with questions. They veer away from them or make excuses. Same thing for Lucchino.

What’s a Stake?

There are many things at stake when it comes to choosing the next Red Sox manager. There’s the season of course. There’s also Ben Cherington’s job. If the Red Sox don’t get back on course, then you can say goodbye to Cherington next year. This needs to be the right choice in so many ways. Vote Pena and vote often!

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