Red Sox Nation Will Overcome All

"Red Sox nation"
Red Sox Nation will survive the 2012 season.
You know when it comes down to it if you’ve been a member of Red Sox Nation for a decent amount of time, you’ve been through much worse than the 2012 season. You’ve watched in disbelief as the Red Sox blew it against the Mets in the 1986 World Series, felt the stink of the 99-win season and Bucky Dent’s soft homerun and dealt with the rise and fall of the Impossible Dream team. Those were all excruciating experiences.

Recent Triumphs

But in recent years you’ve enjoyed that amazing, once-in-a-lifetime 2004 comeback against the Yankees, the Red Sox first World Series championship since 1918 and seen another Red Sox championship. And there’s no reason to think great things won’t happen again. They will for Red Sox Nation, a group that stretches across America and around the world.

Concerns and Fixes

What is Red Sox Nation concerned about these days? They are primarily focused on 2013 and things that have to be fixed for the BoSoxto win another World Series. (Those of Red Sox Nation don’t merely talk of the team being “competitive;” they speak of ultimate triumphs and there’s only one of those—winning the World Series.)

What does Red Sox nation want? I know what one member (me) wants. First, I want a solid manager and I want him to be hired ASAP. I also want the deadwood and irksome players traded and some major deals made (specifically in the pitching area). Plus, I’d love to see some of that new, young talent mature quickly. Good health for and a better attitude for all would be appreciated.

The Front Office

From the front office, I want real leadership. I’d love to see Larry Lucchino either wake up or resign. Is he for real? This past week he would not admit that he and Cherington made a major mistake in hiring Bobby Valentine and then in allowing him to continue through to the end of the season. Larry, that like saying the Titan was a great boat except for a few minor flaws.

The Here and Now

Well I am enjoying the Patriots season, looking forward to the Celtics and wishing the Bruins would get back out on the ice. At the same time like the rest of Red Sox Nation I am looking to the near and distant future of the franchise. The best news we got all season came at the end when it was announced that Jason Varitek would be a special assistant to Ben Cherington next season. That alone makes me feel a lot better about the Red Sox and 2013.

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