In LaLa land with Boston Red Sox Pres Larry Lucchino

"Red Sox president Larry Lucchino"
Larry Lucchino: the good old days
I simply had to write about the fact that Larry Lucchino will not admit that the Boston Red Sox were in error when they hired Bobby Valentine as manager. It’s like saying the Hindenburg got a tad warm over Lakehurst, NJ one day. For real, Larry?

What’s Going On?

This became apparent in statements Lucchino made after Valentine was fired. You’ve got to wonder when the Red Sox president and chief executive officer won’t admit a mistake has been made (one that is so obvious) what exactly is going on in his head. Of course this is the same Larry Lucchino who basically excused Red Sox players for not attending Johnny Pesky’s funeral while that night they went to a special bash held by Josh Beckett.

Lucchino’s Statements

Lucchino said after being asked about the Valentine debacle, “I’m not sure that’s fair. We thought the decision was a sensible, rational one last year. What we were looking for at the time seemed to be what Bobby Valentine presented at the time.”

When asked why it took the Red Sox so long to fire the flawed Red Sox skipper when it was “apparent” halfway through the 2012 season that was the only thing to do to save the team, Larry has another interesting answer. It was one that defies history and fact.

Lucchino said, “Well, again, you said seemed to be apparent. When did it seem to be apparent?” The president noted, “In August, there was a lot of fluttering about on this issue. We thought we needed to put it aside when the team was still in the race. We wanted to create some white space, a period of quietude that would last at least until the end of the season. That was part of the motivation.”

Recent BoSox History and Facts

What a strange answer when compared to the facts. In July Boston was 12-15. It’s true that in that month they still looked like they might have a chance according to the standings, but the team was inconsistent and unable to get much above .500. In the first half of August, Boston won 4 and lost 10. That gave then a 16 and 25 record for July and the first two weeks of August. In the second half of August they again won 4 and lost 10.

The Red Sox were 20-35 in July and August and Lucchino believed, “the team was still in the race?” Funny, but it was sometime in August or early September that the he noted it would take a “miracle” for Boston to get to the postseason.

We need Lucchino to admit mistakes were made as far as Valentine is concerned. Please, Larry, there’s an elephant in the room and you’re the only one who doesn’t see it.

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