One amazing trip to Fenway!

Today’s Chowdaheadz fan photo comes from Leah. This is one awesome story and experience for her entire family. Here is what she submitted to our blog…

   We took our first trip to Fenway this past weekend (19-23 Sep). We surprised our 9 year old son on Tuesday night with the news that we were headed to Boston and to Fenway the next day! What an amazing trip we had!” 

   We went to all 3 games against the Orioles. We took the Fenway Tour. We were there for the Photo Op Day on Saturday. The Red Sox won on Sunday and Alec was able to run the bases after the game…..all just amazing Fenway experiences! We thought our trip couldn’t get any better as we were leaving the game on Sunday – until we got back to our hotel!

   There in the lobby was Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield (on their way to the Pesky Celebration of Life). Tek is Alec’s FAVORITE player – EVER! He wants to grow up and be a catcher for the Red Sox just like Tek. Well, Tek was in a hurry but he stopped to talk to Alec, take pictures and he asked us if he could autograph stuff — we didn’t have to ask! He even apologized because he had to rush off to get to the ceremony. WOW!! Alec was absolutely speechless and after Tek left, he all but fainted in the lobby of the Hotel Commonwealth! He told us “I have no muscles in my legs now.”

Can’t wait to get back to Boston! Loved EVERYTHING!

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