Who Will Replace Bobby Valentine as Next Red Sox Manager?

Might Jason Varitek manage the Red Sox?
I do believe that Booby Valentine will be fired at the end of this season. I cannot imagine the Red Sox giving Valentine another year to mess up the team even more. That being the case, I’ve got a shortlist of four possible managers John Henry and company should consider. I do hope they are reading this!

Tim Bogar

He’s been with the Red Sox for years as a coach and moved from the bases this season into the dugout as the bench coach. He’s liked by the team, knows baseball and understands how the Red Sox work. I also think he’s invested in the team. Of the four, he makes the most sense. He cannot be any worse than Valentine and I believe he’s got a lot more smarts and tact.

Lou Pineilla

It’s big Lou Pineilla. Lou knows baseball. He’s not the most amiable guy and he can rankle players and ownership. But I do come back to the fact that the guy has a decent head for the game. He’s working for YES now as a commentator. Think Lou wants to get back into the real game of baseball?

Joe Torre

He is one of the best. He’s retired but certainly not entirely. Torre is working in MLB’s Commissioner’s office. It’s said that he wants to own a team. He was hoping to be one of the owners of the Dodgers. If Henry wants to sell the team, here’s the perfect guy. Fans get two for one—an owner and a manager!

Jason Varitek

The captain looks to have the right stuff to be a MLB manager. He lacks experience on any real level, but he’s a great leader, smart baseball man and knows pitchers. This may be a bad suggestion because it’s putting Tek in a tough position. Fans love the guy, players respect him and he’s a great diplomat for the Red Sox. Plus, he loves the game, the Sox and the competition. He misses the challenge and the interaction with the players. But is he willing to go on the road again and miss his family?

Anyone, Anyone, Bueller?

So who will it be? Will Red Sox ownership make a quick decision regarding Valentine, firing him a day or two after the season ends, and then get a new manager on board in a week or two? That’s what they should do! The Sox play Tampa Bay one more time before taking on the Baltimore Orioles tomorrow. Just a few weeks to go.

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