New England Patriots Overview of What’s New and Raven Game

"Deione Branch Patriot receiver"
Deione Branch is a Patriot again!
As we head into week 3 of the 2012 NFL season, there’s lot happening with the New England Patriots. The Pats are now 1-1 after beating the Tennessee Titans in week one and losing to the Arizona Cardinals at home in week two. That loss was a surprise to many including me. Still, I did see the potential for the Patriots to be beat by a very good Arizona defense, and that is exactly what happened.

Deion Branch is Back

Hey, are you excited that Deion Branch is back with the Patriots? Others wanted him but Branch really wanted to play with New England. Bill Belichick seems to believe that you can’t have enough receivers with good hands and he’s right. Tom Brady is happy that the vet is back.

Brady said, “Deion has just been a great player here for a long time. So it’s always great to see him back. I was hoping it would happen.” The premium QB added, “There’s just a lot of stability that, you know, he’s that kind of player: dependable, consistent. We’ll see what kind of role he plays.”

Branch won’t be an every play receiver but he will be used. Look for some new wrinkles in the Patriot playbook this week.

Waters Still Not Around

News is out that offensive lineman Brian Waters was offered $4 million by the Pats for 2012. That’s a huge raise for the guy who made $1.4 million last year. The raise made him the second highest paid lineman on the team with just Logan Mankins making more. But Waters never showed up. He lives in Texas and wants to play close to home. Houston is said to be his preferred club. Waters wants a trade. Some things got to give here.

Pats +3.0 This Week!

The Patriots look to be underdogs as they head into Baltimore to play the Ravens. But the 3-point differential is a home team advantage, which means many are seeing the game as being a fairly equal match. I think this game can go either way. The Ravens like the Pats are 1-1. Baltimore fields an excellent defense and has a fine offense. They are a tight team.

However, I like the Patriots chances. They rarely lose two straight with Brady at the helm and I think they are going to do a major gut-check. But I do believe it will be tight. Right now all four teams in the AFC East are 1-1.

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