Boston Red Sox Pitching Falters Against the Rays

"Bobby Valentine Boston Red Sox manager"
Bobby Valentine played a lot of guys against Tampa Bay.
Well it had to end some time for the Boston Red Sox and it did tonight as the Tampa Bay Rays beat them 13-3 annihilating Boston. It was not pretty in any way. Boston pitching allowed 15 hits and gave up 10 BB. They notched 5 Ks. It was an offensive free for all for the Rays as 9 different batters had at least one hit each.


Dice-K had a very bad outing. He lasted three innings, giving up 9 hits, 5 runs and 2 homers. He walked one and struck out two. Once again, the Dice-Man did not have it. With an ERA of 7.68 and a record of 1-6, Dice-K has given the Red Sox nothing this season as he has dealt with various injuries and tried to come back from Tommy John surgery. He has rehabbed a lot but looks to have a long way to go. I thought he might be worth something in a trade, but there is no value there.

Little Relief

Relief was lacking too. Aceves gave up 4 runs on 5 hits in two innings. Bard came in and in one-third inning he allowed 3 runs on 1 hit. Three other pitchers were used and together they gave up just 1 run.

What Offense?

The Red Sox managed only five hits all night. Jacoby Ellsbury had 3 of them and Pedro Ciriaco managed 2. That was precious little offense from Boston, which is noted for their hitting. The Sox used 13 different batters in the game and 11 went hitless. Still, it was a good idea for manager Bobby Valentine to get so many guys in the game. Considering how out of control the contest got, it made sense to give as many guys as possible a chance to play a little.

Baltimore Next

It will be interesting to see how this Red Sox team does against the Orioles. The Baltimore birds are tough and they seem determined to make the playoffs. The City of Baltimore has been waiting forever for a team like the one they now have—one that is worthy of Camden Yards, which is a great ballpark.

So the Sox will have their hands full as they play two three-game series versus Baltimore. If Baltimore can sweep both, they will be in great shape in the AL East. Who knows those two series the Sox have with the Orioles may determine if the Yanks make the postseason.

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